Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Pleasant Pictorial: Comics Items In My Office and Workplace!

My love of comic books and graphic novels being what it is, I obviously have a lot of trinkets, memorabilia, and keepsakes that reflect this.  While I'll eventually get around to showing off all the stuff I have at home, I figured I'd start a pictorial featuring all the stuff I have at my office, and also some other neat comic related items featured at my workplace.  As any of my co-workers will tell you, it's pretty easy to tell I like comics by just spending a few minutes with me.  Well, if you step into my office, it becomes pretty obvious too.

My mother couldn't ever get me to decorate my walls in my room or house, but my supervisor was able to get me to 

decorate my office.  I was like, "Okay, bring on the comics stuff!"  Note the calendar over the printer, which is still set to May and features Rogue.  It will have another picture later. 
I'm trying to spread the love around, but currently the Iron Man lithograph is currently off on its lonesome.  I'm not too worried, though.  Stark can afford a little time in solitary.  He'll get wall-mates soon enough.
Okay, so not only do I favor superhero comics, but I'm also partial
to Marvel heroes.  This New Avengers poster was purchased in
direct reaction to my supervisor's demand for office decoration...
... as was the Spider-Man bobblehead.  He wasn't particularly lonely, but a coworker thought he was, and brought me the Spidey thimble (which I love!), and the Spidey food container.  They hang out regularly, and for the most part get along.  Except when the thimble gets all smarty on the bobblehead, who then just stomps on him. :P
Even my corkboard isn't immune to comics-related memorabilia.  
Call it excessive pride, but I've pinned a flyer from an event I put 
together earlier this year, the Houston Comics Talent Panel.  It was
a learning experience, and a lot of fun.
This preservation bookmark is from the Library of Congress, and 
is specifically about the preservation of comic books.  This kind of 
thing makes me happy!

The Green Goblin will be trying to pumpkin-bomb me on a daily

basis this month, according to my Marvel Heroes calendar.  The

Green Goblin on a Marvel Heroes calendar... so very wrong.
Stark may be alone in this photo, but again, I'm not too worried...
... for he is the Invincible IRON MAN!  And besides, he loves

himself too much not to like some time alone once in a while.
Now we're gonna move to the Teen Room in my library (note: I LOVE the fact that we have one!).  A context shot of the

comics and manga collection, which are always circulating--the area is constantly in need of shelving and straightening.
These posters are about the merits of reading graphic novels,
which all too often are subjected to unfair criticism from some 
parents and customers, who don't think they are "real" reading.  
They are!

Another such poster on the other side of our manga collection.
For my part, I read a lot of graphic novels and comics, and find the
stories, artwork, and overall experience an amply rewarding on an
intellectual, entertainment basis.  

Final poster shot, and end of this pictorial and my impromptu 

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