Thursday, May 31, 2012


On November 30, 2011, I started this blog, The Comics Cove, intending to write about comics-related topics.  While I've mostly written reviews about comics, I've also covered a number of topics: film and book reviews, comics conventions, costumes and cosplay, tropes and conventions in mythology, and discussions of specific heroes and villains.  Today, it gives me great pride to inform my readers that as of today, I've managed to write every day in The Cove for six straight months.

It hasn't always been easy.  I've had to make this a second priority, and it's meant curtailing a lot of activities I've loved doing in the past.  I don't play video games anywhere near as much as I used to, as writing takes up a good hour or so each day, usually in the evenings after work.  It's cut into date nights, outings with friends, and I've often had to plan ahead with my writing on occasions where I simply wouldn't have otherwise had time.  It's a logistical challenge at times, but it's given me a good handle on planning, time management, and keeping motivated.

For the reviews, I've covered a number of genres, though I know I've always clearly favored superhero comics.  I've also talked about novel adaptations, children's comics, strong girl characters, horror, historical, and fantasy comics.  I've taken discussion topics I've had with my friends and put my thoughts on them up here.  And, unbelievably, people have read them with some regularity.  A few intrepid followers have even posted reactions to my thoughts in the comments section, and for those I thank you!

One new project I've started working on is setting up a mini-studio for doing video reviews.  This is mostly due to inspiration from haydenclaireheroes, whose video reviews on ComicVine have been such a joy to watch, support, and comment on.  It'll be a long project, much like the costumes: I'm working on acquiring a wireless webcam, and assembling a good background and filming area on limited space.  I managed to acquire some good art for the backdrop from Comicpalooza, and I'm hoping to get the space set up sometime in the near future.

I started a fiction blog, which has thus far only received a couple entries in April.  For the record, I haven't given up on fiction writing, but have had to keep The Cove my priority while managing my time.  I will be writing more scripts and prose fiction, but it will have to be comparatively sparse to the robust output here for the time being.  I've recently seen some opportunities for submissions, though, and I'll be planning to put keyboard to computer for them in the near future.

It's all been hard work and great fun, and I intend to keep writing on The Cove for as long as people want to keep reading.  Please let me know if there's a comics-related topic, issue, or subject you'd like to discuss.  I'm always up for suggestions, and would love doing a response to anything my readers would like to discuss.

In the meantime, I'll keep writing.  If you keep reading, I'll be here.

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