Monday, February 27, 2012

Returning to the Comics Collecting Fold

If you read this blog with any regularity, you've probably noticed that, lately, I've started reviewing single issue comics.  Often I do this in groups of several issues of the same title, though I have made at least a couple of exceptions as of late, and reserve the right to do so for other occasions.  There are a few reasons I'm doing this.  It's certainly not due to a lack of other older collected titles to read--what I've read alone could probably last me for a year's worth of reviews.

It's at least partially due to a desire to include content that's a little more current, as I imagine many comic readers are reading more than just the trade paperbacks you can check out from the library.  I read Comic Vine's reviews fairly regularly, and I will admit more than a little envy as not getting to read some of the newer storylines out there as soon as they hit the streets.  I've tended to wait and read trades, which has worked fine for a while, but I think it's time to start diving into and discussing the current stories with other readers.  I will continue to review trades and comics of all types, but feel like exploring the more recent stuff will not only attract more readers to this place, but will also be more fun.

So, in the name of aforementioned fun--not to mention to keep current on my current reading--I've essentially resurrected my long-dormant passion for collecting comics.  I recently acquired some comic bags and backing boards for my single issue purchases, and plan to buy a comics box or two in the coming days.

I'm sure that, right about now, some of you are doing one of two things: the comic book geeks are going, "WTF?  What does he mean, 'resurrecting collecting comics?'  He already lives and breathes comics--spend more than 30 seconds with him and you'll wonder why he's not wearing a Spider-Man lapel--and yet he doesn't collect them?!"

And those who aren't, are probably asking, "What the hell are comic bags and backing boards?"

And if it helps, I'll just say that you need them to properly store comic books, and leave it at that.

Truth is, I haven't seriously collected comics since high school.  In the adjoining time between then and now, I've borrowed issues from friends, read the trades, checked them out from the library, and occasionally purchased a special single issue, but I really haven't tried to maintain them as a collection until now.  I feel like this, in addition to giving me a constant source of fuel about which to write, is a pastime that simply feels good, and feels right to me to resume at this point.

I've always loved comic books, ever since I was re-introduced to them at about age 12.  I collected them for a few years, then stopped due to a variety of factors: too expensive, life is too hectic, the characters have changed too much, and on and on.  It's time to come back.  As a collector, as a blogger, and as an aspiring comic script writer, it just feels right, and it feels especially like now is the most natural time to rejoin the new issues fold.

Even if the prices have jumped a whole lot since I last had a collection! :-)

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